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Is Buying New Construction A Good Idea?

Is Buying New Construction A Good Idea?

Seeing a sign that says “New Construction” can bring on feelings of excitement for house hunters. A brand new home that you can customize yourself, what could be better? Buying new construction is not always as easy or customizable as it seems, but could it be the right choice for you?


The big differences in buying new construction depend on which phase you enter the process. Is the home already finished and ready to go, or can you pick and choose your flooring, appliances, and design choices?

“If you don’t buy new construction in a pre-construction phase, you miss out on design choices. But that doesn’t mean you can’t be perfectly happy.”


Ali and Justin bought their home during the phase where they could still customize some elements. I was in heaven. There were three to four styles for each category, which included exterior lighting, garage panels, front door style, kitchen interior, counter, cabinets, flooring, carpeting and lighting fixtures.”


The Shuman’s put a deposit a home before it was built at all. They left it up to design concepts and their imagination. As construction began, they realized it would be much smaller than they imagined, and had to cancel the deal. “After realizing their backyard would be almost non-existent, they chose not to proceed with the contract.”


We want to hear from you! Are you in the process or have you bought a New Construction home? What was your experience like? Join the conversation below, and don’t forget to consult an experienced real estate attorney when buying or selling a home!


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