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Housing Market In The Next Three Years

Housing Market Trends for 2018-2020

What will the housing market be like over the next three years? In 2018, 2019, and 2020, we are expecting prices to rise as demand for homes increases. The overall prediction for the housing market is very positive, making it a good time to invest and sell, although buyers will be paying higher prices due to an increased demand for homes.


“Overall, predictions and outlook for the US housing marketare positive. That’s because the US economy is on its strongest roll ever, bolstered by lower taxes, improved trading agreements, growing American confidence, happiness, comfort, freedom and the American dream has been kindled again.”


Despite it being a seller’s market, people are still eager to buy, which is great for the housing market.


Here’s 8 Reasons Why People Are Still Eager to Buy Real Estate:

  • home prices are appreciating and it’s a safe investment over the long term
  • millennials need a home to raise their families
  • rents are high giving property owners excellent ROI on rental properties
  • flips of older properties continue to create amazing returns
  • real property is less risky (unless you get over leveraged)
  • the economy is steady or improving (although Trump’s letting his enemies cause too much friction)
  • foreigners including Canadians are eager to own US property
  • bankrupt buyers are over their 7 year prohibition from the last recession and they can buy again


For more statistics on the future of the housing market, head over to the full article for details. It is always recommended you consult an experienced real estate attorney when buying or selling a home!

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